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Time to Party on the Carnival Vista

Time to Party on the Carnival Vista
Carnival Vista is a cruise ship built for Carnival Cruise Line, which was delivered on April 28th 2016.[9] Sea trials were completed in March 2016. The ship's maiden voyage is set to embark on May 1, 2016 from Trieste, Italy on a 13 day Europe Cruise that ends in Barcelona, Spain.

Design and construction

By gross tonnage, she will be the largest ship within Carnival Cruise Lines's fleet. The ship was constructed in the Fincantieri shipyard of Monfalcone (Gorizia) and has been delivered April 2016. 
The first steel for the ship was cut in late February 2014, and the keel was laid in October 2014.[9] The Carnival Vista Coin Ceremony/Float out was done in June 2015. [10]
Carnival Vista is the first Carnival cruise ship fitted with ABB Azipod propulsion units since the 2004-built Carnival Miracle.

Home port

Vista will operate an inaugural season in the Mediterranean from May to October 2016 before repositioning to New York to offer a pair of round trip cruises.
She will then move to her new homeport in Miami in November 2016 where she will sail year around.
She will offer 6 and 8 day Caribbean cruises with ports of call such as Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Aruba, CuraƧao, and Bonaire.

SkyRide new to cruising.


Carnival Vista will have outdoor spots like Havana Bar & Pool, SkyRide at SportSquare (an 800-foot-long track suspended around its top deck that passengers can circle in pedal-powered capsules), and Seafood Shack plus plenty of spaces like the first IMAX at sea. 

The Vista has custom Cuban themed staterooms and new Family Harbor staterooms. 

The Clubhouse features indoor activities like mini-bowling and arcade-style basketball, soccer, volleyball and table tennis. The ship will also have SkyGreens, a mini golf course on Deck 12.

Tonnage:133,500 GT
Length:1,062 ft (324 m)
122 ft (37 m)
158 ft (48 m) at pool decks [7]
Draught:27 ft (8.2 m)
Propulsion:Diesel-electric; Two ABB Azipod XO units
Speed:23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph)
Capacity:3,936 passengers (double occupancy)
Name:Carnival Vista[1][2]
Owner:Carnival Corporation & plc
Operator:Carnival Cruise Line
Port of registry: Panama
Route:8-13 Day European cruise from May 2016 - October 2016
Cost:US$780 million
Way number:6242
Laid down:October 14, 2014
Launched:25 June 2015
Acquired:April 28, 2016
Maiden voyage:May 1, 2016
Identification:IMO 9692569
Status:In Service

Monster of the deep: World's largest cruise ship is so vast that guests will have to use GPS to find their rooms!

Monster of the deep: World's largest cruise ship is so vast that guests will have to use GPS to find their rooms!
Giant: Weighing 227,000 tons – and 124ft longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall - Harmony Of The Seas is the largest cruise ship ever to set sail
  • At 124ft longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall – the new Harmony Of The Seas is the largest cruise ship ever to set sail
  • It's so vast it even houses scaled down version of New York’s Central Park complete with 10,587 plants and 52 trees
  • Across 18 decks, the ship, which cost over £800 million to build, has 16 restaurants, cafes and boutique shopping
  • Harmony Of The Seas also has a state of the art 1,380-seat theatre where guests can enjoy musicals such as Grease
She is a true leviathan of the oceans. Weighing in at 227,000 tons – and 124ft longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall – the new Harmony Of The Seas is the largest cruise ship ever to set sail.
The awesome vessel – which set out on its maiden trial voyage last week – is so vast it even houses a scaled down version of New York’s Central Park within its 18 decks – complete with 10,587 plants and 52 trees up to 20ft tall.
An astonishing feat of engineering, built at a cost more than £800 million, Harmony Of The Seas pulled slowly out of Saint-Nazaire in France, where she was built, with no fewer than three pilots on board – specially trained on computer simulators – to guide her through the difficult manoeuvres needed to exit the estuary.
Size: Harmony Of The Seas is 330ft longer than the Titanic and is as high as seven double decker buses stacked on top of each other
Size: Harmony Of The Seas is 330ft longer than the Titanic and is as high as seven double decker buses stacked on top of each other

Entertainment: Thrill seekers can test their mettle on four onboard water slides (left) or those hoping to enjoy a song and dance, can head to the 1,380-seat theatre where they can enjoy shows including Broadway's hit musical Grease and high-flying acrobatics

Such is the scale of the quarter-of-a-mile long Royal Caribbean International ship, when its first 6,000 passengers board in Southampton in May they will be issued with GPS-style wrist trackers so they won’t get lost in her labyrinthine interiors.

And a squad of ‘Royal Genie’ butlers will be at the beck and call of VIP guests. Thrill seekers will be able to choose from four onboard slides, including the Ultimate Abyss, the world’s tallest slide at sea, boasting an impressive 100ft plunge.

Elsewhere, a zipwire will whizz adventurous guests nine decks above the open-air atrium, robots will pour cocktails at a ‘bionic bar’, and passengers can learn to surf on a ship-board wave simulator.

Entertainment includes Broadway’s hit musical, Grease in the full-size theatre, a state-of the-art multimedia ice rink spectacular and high-flying acrobatics.

Engine room: Three power pods, each with 20ft propellers, along with four bow thrusters for manoeuvring, power the ship forward
Engine room: Three power pods, each with 20ft propellers, along with four bow thrusters for manoeuvring, power the ship forward
The ship has 16 restaurants and cafes – including a Jamie’s Italian – boutique shopping on the Royal Promenade, and high-speed wi-fi in the staterooms. And for voyagers wanting a challenge, there’s the Escape Room where guests have to try to break out by solving a series of puzzles. 

Vast and full of surprises, Harmony Of The Seas is like something from the imagination of Jules Verne.

Latest ship launches illustrate a shift to Europe

Latest ship launches illustrate a shift to Europe

Harmony of the Seas

It seems like U.S. agents are having to wait longer to see brand-new ships, or to send their clients on them, unless they want to fly to Europe.

Nearly all the ships coming out of European shipyards this year will be dedicated in Europe and spend the summer and fall sailing there.

The exception is the Seabourn Encore, which will be even farther away, in Singapore, when it is christened next January.

Once the primary window for ships to be delivered was in the fall, when they could be pressed into service in the Caribbean. That was the case in November when the Norwegian Escape was christened by Pitbull and began a series of cruises from Miami.

But while the Carnival Vista, the Koningsdam and the Harmony of the Seas will all arrive in South Florida in November, and will have occasions for travel agents to tour them or sail on them, they will be six months into their service by the time that happens.

I don’t know when the shift began. Clearly the larger cruise lines have enough ships in their fleets that leaving newbuilds in Europe for the summer doesn’t disrupt their plans for North America.

That may be different from the past, when every ship counted in the strategy to beat the competition.

And it may be good luck that Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International and Holland America Line have some of their most attractive ships in Europe at a time when that region needs a boost.

Ironically, the next big ship introduction scheduled for North America comes in November 2017 when a European-based cruise line, MSC Cruises, debuts its MSC Seaside in Miami.

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Special forces guard cruise terror targets: Commandos trained to take out IS suicide boats

Special forces guard cruise terror targets: Commandos trained to take out IS suicide boats

A cruise boat and a special forces soldier
THREAT: Experts say cruise liners may be at risk from suicide boats

Intelligence chiefs fear the jihadis plan to ram the luxury ships using vessels packed with explosives.
Last week we exclusively revealed a unit of specially trained troops have been assigned to protect British tourists in southern Europe and North Africa.
Now an SBS unit from Poole in Dorset is under orders to use attack boats and divers to counter Islamic State at sea.

DANGER: Hundreds of cruise ships travelling through the Med are now seen as potential targets
Intelligence chiefs think the terrorists may attempt to seize liners and murder passengers or hold them hostage.
Hundreds of cruise ships travel through the Med every summer and are now viewed as easy targets.
Suicide boats have been used to attack US Navy ships in the past, holing the vessels and causing mass casualties.
British spooks believe IS fighters are planning to use similar tactics against liners crammed with holidaymakers.
Some cruise ships are already hiring military contractors to provide additional security when travelling through dangerous waters.
One source said: “We know IS terrorists are attempting to bring fear and panic to the Med.
“They want to attack cruise liners with suicide boats. It’s a very effective tactic – the boats are very fast and cruise liners make a big target and the vast majority are unprotected.”
There are fears the extremists will launch sea assaults from their base in the Mediterranean port of Sirte in Libya.
But a squadron of Special Boat Service troops based in the country has already put suicide boats out of action.
Frogmen used underwater jet packs to infiltrate the port and destroy dozens of Isis vessels.
Commandos have also assassinated terrorist commanders and helped friendly militias to launch attacks against the fundamentalists.
An SBS frogmen team recently carried out a sniping mission against Isis fighters from the sea.
They were equipped with a specially adapted rifle which allows targets to be engaged from the ocean.
frogmen teamGETTY
COVERT: An SBS frogmen team recently carried out a sniping mission against Isis from the sea
The commandos scuba dived to within a few hundred metres of the coast where Isis thugs were on a beach being taught how to fire a mortar.
Their first shot with the silenced weapon killed a commander.
They dived for a few minutes, then resurfaced and took out another two fighters before submerging again.
The third wave of the SBS attack left several more jihadis dead – and the remaining fighters fled in terror.
With the job done, the team disappeared out to sea, and were picked up by comrades.
The source added: “The SBS will go after the jihadis at sea and in port.
“There will be spy planes up in the air monitoring every vessel which leaves Libya and if it can’t be identified it will be targeted, especially if it’s heading for a cruise ship.”

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Empress of the Seas return postponed for another month

Empress of the Seas return postponed for another month

oyal Caribbean International has canceled seven additional cruises scheduled on Empress of the Seas to do more work on the ship in drydock.
Previously, Royal had canceled six short cruises from Miami on the Empress, which is migrating back to Royal after sailing for sister brand Pullmantur.
Departure dates on the newly canceled cruises are April 25 and 30, and May 5, 9, 14, 19 and 23.
In a statement, Royal said that as work progressed in drydock, it discovered the need for more significant infrastructure and physical improvements across galleys and provisioning areas.
“We decided that instead of simply repairing the five galleys, we would completely rebuild them, starting from scratch with entirely new infrastructure and all new equipment at a cost of $10 million,” the statement said.  
Royal is providing refunds plus 50% future cruise credits to those booked on the April 25 and 30 cruises, and refunds plus 100% credits for anyone on the original six canceled sailings who was rebooked on a newly canceled sailing.
Guests can also rebook on several other Royal ship at favorable terms.

Kleven Maritime to Build Up to Four Expedition Ships

Kleven Maritime to Build Up to Four Expedition Ships

Kleven Maritime to Build Up to Four Expedition Ships

Norway’s shipbuilder Kleven Maritime has entered into an agreement with a compatriot cruise company Hurtigruten Cruises to build up to four new.
Under the contract, the shipbuilder is scheduled to deliver two new vessels, designed for Arctic and Antarctic voyages, in the summer of 2018.
The deal includes an option for another two ships which would join their owner in 2019.
The new ships will be constructed at in Ulsteinvik, Norway.
Designed by Rolls-Royce, the new vessels will feature a length of 140 meters and a width of 23 meters.
The expedition-style vessels will have a capacity to carry 600 passengers.
The Hurtigruten cruise company currently operates a fleet of fourteen ships.
World Maritime News Staff

On a Fathom cruise, a sea day like no other

On a Fathom cruise, a sea day like no other

Impact guide Gil Lang tells Fathom passengers how to improve their storytelling skills. Photo Credit: Tom Stieghorst

Travel Weekly cruise editor Tom Stieghorst is sailing on the first cruise for Fathom, Carnival Corp.'s new social-impact line.
ABOARD THE ADONIA — Fathom’s cruise to the Dominican Republic begins with a day-and-a-half at sea, and the activities onboard really set it apart from any other cruise I’ve been on.
Like all the sessions I would attend on our first day at sea, it was participatory, interpersonal and a bit confessional. This is not a cruise for someone who wants to be left alone.Fathom has a philosophy to impart. After breakfast, everyone was asked to attend the "Being a Fathom Traveler" workshop, where an "impact guide" briefed passengers on the Fathom way.
To organize, Fathom grouped passengers into cohorts of about 10 to 12. The guide asked us each to name a favorite travel destination. Then we were all asked to sit next to someone we don’t know.
Paired off with a stranger, we had five minutes to describe to each other something bold we had done, an interesting fact about ourselves, and what we think the key to happiness is.
Our guide, Jeff, then told us about himself and what Fathom is – transformation through travel.  If Fathom has a motto, it is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
We were introduced to some of the buzzwords that Fathom employs, such as "alongsidedness," which describes how Fathom passengers and Dominicans work together on the land part of the trip.
Fathom is a cruise with substance, a chance to take stock of who you are and where you’re going.
Some of the workshops are more practical. One teaches phrases in Spanish and another called “Empowering English Tutoring” is for passengers who will spend time helping Spanish-speaking students at school.
Later in the day, I attended “The Story of You,” a workshop meant to strengthen storytelling skills. We paired off again and did five exercises. The first one, creating a secret handshake together, was fun and helped break the ice. We told each other a story about our names and then spent the better part of an hour crafting a story about a dramatic moment in our lives.
We told the story three times to three different people, each time getting some techniques from our impact guide, Gil, to make the stories stronger, more vivid and memorable.
I caught part of another workshop, “The Curiosity Advantage,” about looking at things differently and staying open to fresh ways of doing things.
Impact guide Greg Shapiro with a slide showing the progress of a land-mine removal enterprise in Angola. Photo Credit: Tom Stieghorst
Impact guide Greg Shapiro with a slide showing the progress of a land-mine removal enterprise in Angola. Photo Credit: Tom Stieghorst
My final workshop for the day, “Social Innovation in Action,” was another group exercise. Four groups competed to create a social enterprise that would solve a big problem — overfishing and clearing land mines were the two we worked on.
Afterward, we saw videos of actual solutions created by social entrepreneurs, including the ingenious application of mine-sniffing rats in Angola to speed the de-mining process.
If this is your thing, there’s probably no better cruise than Fathom. It requires an open attitude and a willingness to contribute. The return is learning something about yourself and a jump-start toward knowing your fellow passengers.
Fathom is a cruise with substance, a chance to take stock of who you are and where you’re going. It might not be the cruise you want to do every time, but it won’t be the same old, same old, that’s for sure.

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Crazy Things to Do on a Cruise Ship

Crazy Things to Do on a Cruise Ship

Walk the Plank on the Norwegian Breakaway and Breakaway Plus class of ships.
In the challenge of attracting new cruise passengers while at the same time keeping veteran cruisers hooked, largest cruise line companies roll out original industry-first activities. 
There was a time when limbo, shuffleboard and miniature golf were the craziest activities found on a cruise. But today, thrill-seekers can practice their surfing, go ziplining or strap on a bungee cord, all without leaving the cruise ship. One of the biggest changes is just how many experiences passengers can enjoy these days. The world's largest cruise ships have a mind-boggling array of dazzling entertainment.
The trend started with waterslides, rock climbing walls and ice skating rinks but quickly escalated to levitating cocktail bars, skydiving simulators and the latest high-tech entertainment on board the newest cruise vessels. With fun attractions like these, guests may never want to leave.
Cruises are no longer just sedate affairs, as the following adrenaline-pumping activities can attest. Sea days full of dozing by the pool in an alcohol stupor are over, so let us reveal the WOW side of cruise life with 20 crazy on board experiences that will leave you breathless.
  1. Cirque Dreams & Dinner. During a Cirque Dreams & Dinner on board Norwegian Epic, passengers get a play with food. The 265-seat theater pairs mealtime with a show that features hula-hooping, acrobatics, aerialists and singing. The entertainers perform circus-style tricks as waiters serve dinner amid the chaos.Norwegian Breakaway followed up with its Jungle Fantasy show. The latest take on NCL dinner theater, Illusionarium, debuted on Getaway. The show comes complete with special effects and magicians. 
  2. Lawn Club. Natural carpet is rolled out with the Lawn Club on Celebrity Cruises and the Central Park on Royal Caribbean's Oasis and Allure of the Seas. It features rambling pathways and abundant flora, including flower beds and shade trees. The floating parkland offers tasteful restaurants and and shops reminding Fifth Avenue. Celebrity's Solstice-class vessels have a half-acre of green grass on their top decks, ideal for bocce or croquet. Passengers can also order baskets and have picnics. 
  3. Formula 1 simulator. If your kids want to take a spin, tell them to go have fun. No time to worry if they crash the car while driving 200 mph. MSC Cruises' Fantasia-class ships give speed lovers permission to enjoy speed in a Formula 1 simulator. Guests climb into the driver's seat of a car that whines, bumps and bounces like the real thing. With Costa Cruises' Grand Prix simulators, guest "drivers" simulate the sensation of zipping around a racecourse from a Grand Prix-style car, tricked out with lots of gadgets, sounds and movements. 
  4. 4D cinema. The 4D theaters, found on Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line, offer real-life sensory shocks as squirts of liquids, pumped-in smells, quivering seats and visuals invading your personal space. Thankfully, all seats come with belts, so not to become part of the on-screen action. 
  5. Planetarium at sea. Cunard's Queen Mary 2 brings the stars out, even on cloudy nights. In the only one at sea planetarium, housed in the Illuminations, stargazers sit beneath a huge dome sparkling with celestial glitter. On a 7-day cruise astro-geeks can explore galaxies with three different shows. Members of the Royal Astronomical Society are at hand on select voyages. 
  6. Magic PlayFloor. Floors and walls come alive, just like in the movie "Fantasia." Go see it for real on Disney Fantasy and Dream. On the Magic PlayFloor, kids stomp around on the virtual game board. The Enchanted Art inspires jumping, but more as a response to artworks which move and talk without warning. Minnie Mouse poses as Mona Lisa, and Mickey Mouse, as Steamboat Willie. Once the show is over, all images go back to their dormant selves. 
  7. Moving Bars. The Rising Tide bar on Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas really is moving. It travels like an elevator between the Central Park and Royal Promenade neighborhoods on Decks 8 and 5, respectively. A roundtrip takes 30 minutes, with 10 minutes reserved for embarkation and debarkation and 20 in motion. 
  8. Ice bars. The temperature inside Norwegian Epic, Breakaway, or Getaway's Svedka ice bar is Arctic. The bars are made of ice, including sculptures and furnishings, which are themed to reflect Miami on Getaway and New York City on Breakaway, and are illuminated by bulbs glowing like the northern lights. The bars provide a rack of gloves and hooded coats to keep hands from freezing to the ice glasses and buttocks from sticking to the ice-cube seats. 
  9. Brewing onboard. Several varieties of German beer are crafted in the microbreweries on AIDAblu,AIDAmarAIDAsol and AIDAstella. The braumeisters of the German cruise line can produce up to 265 gallons of beer a day. One unexpected ingredient is seawater, minus the salt. Guests can sign up for brewing workshops to receive a "brewing diploma" onboard. 
  10. Waterworks. The AquaTheater, found on Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas, could be just another pool on board, until you notice it's 18 feet deep and nearly 21 feet long, with passengers taking scuba lessons in it. The venue shines when the moon comes up and the natural light goes down. Then, the area transforms into a unique 700-seat AquaBroadway. The shows include a choreographed musical, starring divers, aerialists and gymnasts, as well as a trapeze act creating the illusion of Spiderman climbing up water. 
  11. Waterslides. Kids of all ages can't resist the hair-raising steepest waterslide at sea. Both Carnival Spiritand Carnival Legend feature the Green Thunder, part of the top-deck water park. Carnival Waterworks also boasts a Twister Waterslide and SplashZone for smaller kids. The AquaDuck water coaster on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy twists and turns for 765 feet over and around ships' pool decks. One elbow of the coaster protrudes 12 feet off the vessel and 150 feet above the sea. The AquaDunk waterslide onMagic offers a 3-story-high thrill ride, including a tumble through a trap door into a translucent tube shooting out 20 feet over the side of the ship. Other notable waterslides include Norwegian's Free Fall (on Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway) with twin "free fall" slides dropping guests at speeds of up to 26 mph; the Speedway Splash on Carnival Sunshine, with 235-ft-long dual chutes and special lighting effects; and MSC Cruises' Vertigo (MSC Preziosa), offering 390 ft of colorful turns and twists, including a spin over ship's edge from 18 decks high. 
  12. Marina Water Sports. Board one of the SeaDream yachts if you are a speed demon. Both offer high-speed watercraft from a retractable watersports platform. The marinas also feature stand-up paddleboards, glass-bottom kayaks and Laser sailboats. Today every decent yacht is equipped with water sports toys likesailing dinghies, jet skis and kayaks. On board SeaDream I and SeaDream II are also experts on hand to give instructions. 
  13. Zip lines: Fly through the air. Passengers aboard Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas can strap on harness and speed up through the air on the intra-ship zip line. Set on the Sports Deck, the Peter Pan-esque activity is not for the acrophobic as the wire is suspended 9 decks up and with a diagonal course of 82 feet across ship's atrium. Don't forget to wear secured footwear: otherwise, fellow cruisers strolling through the Boardwalk below may end up with flip-flops in their ice cream cones. 
  14. Walking the plank. After mastering some challenges on the ropes courses aboard Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway, get ready for The Plank. This extraordinary 15-centimetre-wide board extends 55 metres above the open ocean and 2.5 metres over the side of the cruise ship. But at least the brave ones have to wear a harness. 
  15. FlowRider. The surf's always up on Freedom, Oasis and Quantum-class Royal Caribbean ships. The FlowRider surf simulator generates waves on the top of a cushioned platform. Guests can catch their waves standing up or belly-down. The tide is faux, but humiliation and pain can be real. However, it's fun and challenging - surf conditions are always the best. 
  16. Robot bartenders. One of the greatest novelties aboard Quantum of the Seas is its Bionic Bar, featuring a duo of robot bartenders who dole out drinks to charmed guests. In a "mixology meets technology" futuristic setting, passengers order cocktails from a tablet device. The pair prepares mixed drinks while shaking and stirring, with a system based on the assembly-line technology used to manufacture cars. 
  17. SeaPlex. Royal Caribbean really reached the top with the activities on board its Quantum of the Seas. One of the innovative features is SeaPlex, the biggest indoor active spot at sea that boasts a roller-skating rink, circus school and bumper cars. 
  18. The North Star. Another innovation from Quantum of the Seas (repeated on the Anthem), the North Star observation pod swings passengers away from ship's deck for a 15-minute ride with bird's-eye panorama. The glass-enclosed capsule (modeled on the London Eye), has room for 14. It is attached to a mechanical arm extending to over 300 feet above sea level, and out over the side of the ship, for unparalleled 360-degree views over the vessel, port and sea. 
  19. Skydiving simulator. The innovative Quantum-class ships of Royal Caribbean, including Anthem of the Seas, have rolled out a great deal of industry-firsts. These include such WOWs like RipCord by iFLY, the first skydiving simulator at sea. Thrill-seekers are asked to attend an informational session in order to learn the rules of play. Then they gear up in a flight suit, protective headgear and goggles. It's time to dive on into the glass-enclosed, 23-foot-high vertical window tunnel for a gravity-defying simulated skydiving. The whole time guests will be safe in the hands of a pro so to enjoy the minute-long floating. As a bonus, the instructor usually puts on a show of flying tricks and sensational flips in the air machine. 

Dance the night away: The best nightlife at sea

Dance the night away: The best nightlife at sea

If the cruise for you is not only seas, sun, sights, sand and relaxation, you should definitely check the best cruise ships for nightlife. Party is on!

Royal Caribbean

The vessels from the Royal Caribbean fleet offer a non-stop nighttime scene, but the highlight of the fleet are the largest ships in the world – Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. Guests can chose among a real Broadway show, comedy club or karaoke bar. The disco clubs are multilevel with celebrity DJ shows. The salsa-lovers can visit the Boleros. Starting from November, the line will boast robotic performers and bartenders onboard their newest vessel Quantum of the Seas.

Carnival Cruise Lines

The line offers "something for everyone." The guest can chose between live musical acts, bars and clubs. The DJ's onboard are trained by the official DJ for the Miami Heat - DJ IRIE. The comedy club onboard Carnival vessels, Punchliner Comedy Club, offers talent show every night.

Celebrity Cruises

Visit the Sin City, the non-smoking Fortunes Casino or night show at the main theatre. On Solstice-class vessels, guests can swing in a hanging bubble chair when they're not out on the dance floor.

Norwegian Cruise Line

According to Casino Player magazine, the best casinos at sea are onboard the Norwegian vessels. The line offers also some of the most exiting parties at sea such as the White Hot Party. Great party time is offered in the Bliss Ultra Lounge, the outdoor Spice H20 and the Svedka Ice Bars.

Princess Cruises

The inventor of Movies Under the Stars! Royal Princess and Regal Princess are ideal for night parties around the main pool. Debut this fall will make the Night Sky Lounge. The line offers casinos, discos, live music, production shows and comedians.


The best from the line undoubtedly are the real themed balls. Queen Mary 2 will surprise you with her G32 on two levels.


Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity will lure the gamblers with the Crystal Casino. The nightlife onboard the vessels from the line includes production shows, ballroom-style dancing, karaoke and different kinds of entertainment.


The ships from the line will surprise you with their adults nighttime offers. The ships do not have casinos but there are vide range of bars and clubs. One of the most nighttime scene is The Tube on Disney Fantasy.

Costa Cruises

The most popular party of the line is the toga party. The Italians also offer casinos, discos – but be aware the party does not start before midnight! In November the line debuts the Country Rock Club onboard their pleasure ship Costa Deliziosa