Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The "Escape" runs tomorrow from the North Sea

The "Escape" runs tomorrow from the North Sea

If the parking lot of the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg an RV park is like and many people flock to the levees of the river Ems, this has always been the same reason: The conversion of a cruise ship is waiting. Tomorrow is expected to be back so far.Around midday - so the current state of planning - to leave, according to the Meyer Werft shipyard in the harbor basin of the North Sea, the "Norwegian Escape"."However, the weather conditions have to be right," limited company spokesman Peter Hackmann on a demand of NDR.de. Due to the better maneuverability of the cruise giant takes over the Ems passage backwards in attack. Accompanied by several tugs as the bottlenecks at the Friesenbrücke in Weener and Jann Berghaus Bridge are happening in Leer. NDR.de transmits the spectacle live here in the video stream.

Ocean liner is ready for the bottleneck Ems

 The undocking on 15 August the "Escape" is the outfitting pier of the yard.According to information from Hackmann last work on the interior fittings are made ​​currently. "It all goes to plan, we're pretty far," Hackmann had stressed in an interview with NDR.de recently. The 326 meter long and 41 meter wide luxury liner was composed of a total of 70 blocks. He is the first ship of the Breakaway Plus class for Norwegian Cruise Line. The "Escape" has 18 decks and thus one more than the previous "Norwegian Breakaway" and "Norwegian Getaway", which had been delivered in April 2013 and in January 2014th Overall, the "Escape" can accommodate more than 4,200 passengers and 1,700 crew members.

Thousands of kilometers of cables and pipelines

For interior of the luxury liner include a theater with 815 seats, 15 restaurants, eight bars, a cinema and various spas.The maritime painting with tropical fish, stingrays and sea turtles at the bow of the vessel was applied to a design by artist and conservationist Seafood Guy Harvey with a laser. The 59-year-old Jamaican had taken a picture of the work in Papenburg in July itself. The total weight of the ink used is around 300 tons, as well as 2200 km cable and 400 kilometers of pipelines were laid. In mid-October, the ship should be passed to the shipping company