Friday, 16 February 2018

Undocking: "Norwegian Bliss" leaves Meyer Werft

Undocking: "Norwegian Bliss" leaves Meyer Werft

Just under 16 months after the start of construction in October 2016, the time has come: The cruise ship "Norwegian Bliss" will be unpacked tomorrow. Numerous spectators are expected when the newest luxury liner of the Meyer shipyard gets into the fresh air. transmits the manoeuvre here at this point in the live stream.

Last work on deck and underwater ship

The preparations have meanwhile reached the final phase: On Thursday, the dock was flooded. Previously, there were still numerous fine work and decreases on the underwater vessel necessary - the part that is later submerged and then only difficult to access. Up to 2,000 workers daily have taken care of the tasks involved. According to press spokesman G√ľnther Kolbe, areas such as the deck and the balconies were completed in the final sprint, because they have to be weatherproof after undocking. Already last weekend, the propellers were mounted. "We are fully on schedule," says Kolbe.

Chimney comes by crane

After undocking, the "Norwegian Bliss" will moor at the yard's equipment pier, where she gets her chimney from a heavy-duty crane. Until the Ems overpass, which is scheduled for the second weekend of March, according to Kolbe further equipment works, trials and acceptances are carried out by the shipping company. At the beginning of March, the first of the approximately 1,600 crew members will board the ship to start training. On April 19, the ship is to be handed over to the shipping company Norwegian Cruise Line in Bremerhaven.

The "Norwegian Bliss" before their first ride