Monday, 29 July 2013

New Carnival ship to be called the Vista

New Carnival ship to be called the Vista

By Tom Stieghorst
The 25th Carnival Cruise Lines ship will be called the Carnival Vista, said Jim Berra, the cruise line's marketing vice president, at a news conference aboard the Carnival Sunshine.

The design of the new ship will maximize views of the ocean, Berra said.

"We're starting to use the ship names as a touchstone for how we think about design. With Vista, what we're going to try to do is design a ship that is extremely open to the ocean.

"We think at the end of the day that is really why people are cruising. They want the salt air, they want the ocean breeze, they want to look out to the horizon and see the ocean, so a lot of what we're thinking about in design and the inspiration for the design, is they want those views out to the ocean."

Breeze 2.0 had been the working name for the ship, which will be 135,000 gross tons and carry 4,000 passengers. It is scheduled for delivery in 2016.