I'm sure there will be a few young Royal Caribbean fans pleased to know that they'll no longer need their parents permission to have a drink next year... 

From spring 2012, the drinking age limit will be lowered aboard all Royal Caribbean ships that are sailing from Europe, South America, Australia/NZ and Asia.

The current policy does already permit 18-20 year-olds cruising in these areas to buy alcohol onboard -- but their parents have to sign a waiver first.

New policy = no waiver.

The minimum drinking age on Royal Caribbean ships sailing from North America will remain at 21.

In a statement, the line said the change is being made to "better accommodate the cultural norms in the regions of the world where Royal Caribbean ships sail." According to Adam Goldstein, the line's president and CEO, Royal Caribbean sources roughly half of its passengers from outside the United States.

The change in policy mirrors other cruise line policies such as Princess and NCL whose drinking age regulations relate to the region in which the ship is sailing.

What repercussions, if any, do you think there will be?