You might think that packing for a holiday is a relatively standard affair, with different people generally choosing to take the same sort of stuff with them on their cruise.

But you'd be wrong, at least partially, with research suggesting Brits are much more varied when packing for a getaway at sea.

According to a survey of 2,000 people from across the UK commissioned by Norwegian Cruise Line, some of the stranger items that people are stowing away in their luggage include teabags, which are taken by over a quarter, slippers (24 per cent won't leave the country without them) and childhood teddy bears - yes, that's right, for the adults.

The questionnaire also shed light on the changing habits of Brits travelling, with about a fifth (19.7 per cent) currently planning to take a big trip abroad this year, while just under half (44 per cent) wish to get away at some point in 2014, but don't yet have anything concrete planned.

Somewhat unsurprisingly given the state of the weather at the minute (which has, ironically been hindering cruises in the Atlantic including the Saga Ruby - on it's final ever voyage), this is the biggest thing prompting people to escape Britain, even if for a couple of weeks.

In fact, 40 per cent of people cite inclement conditions as the main thing they need a break from. Other bugbears driving people abroad are neighbours (six per cent) and people's significant others (five per cent).

Francis Riley, vice president of international markets at Norwegian Cruise Line, said: "British holidaymakers appreciate being able to explore new experiences on holidays, however like to have their home comforts and traditions with them as well."

Are there any items that you simply cannot do without when you're away on a cruise?