Saga Ruby marked a little piece of history with the completion of its final voyage this week, in what was the last sailing by a cruise ship to be built in Britain.

According to BBC News, no vessel has been constructed in this country in the 40 years since the Ruby sailed out of Swan Hunter's Tyneside shipyard in 1972.

Previously, it has sailed under Cunard's flag and the name MS Caronia, but last year it was announced that the vessel would finally be retired.

While it wasn't expected back in Southampton until after the weekend, poor weather over the Atlantic prevented it from crossing the Bay of Biscay on its return journey, meaning that it arrived home early.

Ruby's final cruise was a month-long Caribbean affair, which also visited Antigua, Portugal, Madeira and Spain en route to the islands.

All three of Saga's vessels witnessed delays this week as a result of stormy seas, as did Queen Mary 2, which is preparing to celebrate its tenth anniversary.