Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hamas rocket shrapnel lands on cruise ship

Hamas rocket shrapnel lands on cruise ship

Debris and shrapnel from rockets that were fired by the extremist Palestinian group Hamas have reportedly landed on the deck of the German cruise liner AIDAdiva.
Hamas is believed not to have targeted the ship itself, but instead at various Israeli targets. Whilst in the air, the rockets were destroyed by Israeli Defence Forces.

Just as the 2000+ passenger ship was leaving the port, sirens begun to sounds warning Israeli cities of the imminent attack.

Despite shrapnel landing on the deck of the ship, there was no damage sustained and none of the crew or passengers were harmed. AIDAdiva is currently on a seven day cruise across the Mediterranean from Antalya to Turkey

Hamas responded by saying they fired the rockets to respond to "Zionist aggression". This came shortly after accusing Israel of killing five of its fighters.

The Israel Military reported that its offensive was part of a campaign targeting Hamas militants.

Operating under the Carnival Coporation, AIDA Cruises caters primarily for German-speaking passengers.

"You are advised to exercise caution if travelling in the vicinity of Gaza, and to check and follow local security advice," the FCO said.