Sunday, 13 April 2014

CLIA questions results of cruise poll

CLIA questions results of cruise poll

By Tom Stieghorst
CLIA said a Harris poll showing a declining image for the cruise industry isn’t consistent with 2014 booking trends and reports from travel agents about demand.

"The Harris poll does not reflect what CLIA is hearing, which is that bookings are solid and cruise ships are leaving full,” the trade group said in a statement.

Harris initially did a poll a year ago after the Carnival Triumph fire and found the quality, trust and intent-to-purchase scores had dropped compared to surveys before the incident. The follow-up poll said some of the image concerns had abated since then, but they had been re-aggravated by several outbreaks of norovirus early this year.

CLIA said that outbreaks on three ships affected 706 passengers and contrasted that to the 21 million cases that occur on land in the U.S. alone, citing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates.

"CLIA works to educate consumers regarding the low rate of norovirus on cruise ships, and the extensive steps that cruise lines take to prevent outbreaks and treat any affected guests,” the statement said.