Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Third of cruisers are 'drunk for entire holiday'

Third of cruisers are 'drunk for entire holiday'

A third of British cruise passengers have admitted to spending the whole duration of their holiday drunk.

According to new research, the vast majority (84 per cent) said that they drank alcohol on their last cruise, with one in ten going so far as to cop to drinking nothing else for the entire duration of their trip.

Interestingly, the research, by travel agency bonvoyage, highlighted just how popular inclusive drinks packages have become, with 68 per cent saying they took out such an option as part of their booking.

And the survey of 1,394 adults also revealed that 31 per cent believed they had alcohol in their system for the entirety of their voyage, with drinking starting for the majority of all passengers (57 per cent) before midday.

Buck's fizz, cocktails and liqueur coffee were some of the most popular morning choices, with drinking typically continuing throughout the day until 12.30am.

How much do you drink when you're on a cruise? Do you think that British holiday drinking culture is too much, or is it just a matter of people letting their hair down and indulging while away?