Saturday, 23 November 2013

MSC Divina welcomed to Miami by cars… driving on water?!

Walking on water is one thing, but driving on water is something else entirely. That didn't stop FIAT from welcoming MSC Divina into the Port of Miami, Florida, with a fleet of 'aquatic' cars.

The PR stunt saw the impressive cruise ship flanked by Fiat 500s that had been modified to literally drive on water. It's not the first appearance for the 'Cinquecentos', which the Daily Mail reports have been seen on waterways in cities across the US during recent months.

But the presence of the 4,000-passenger cruise liner certainly helped draw the eye to their sea-based shenanigans.

One of the world's largest cruise ships, the MSC Divina will be based in Miami from this month to serve the Caribbean. Previously, she has cruised throughout the Mediterranean.

Commenting on its introduction to the Port of Miami, MSC US chief executive Richard Sasso said: "We are thrilled to welcome one of our finest and most innovative vessels to North America."