According to the PSA (Passenger Shipping Association) New York has knocked Venice off the cruising top spot!

Yep, Brits have voted the Big Apple as their favourite port destination.

Nearly one-fifth of those who took part in the YouGov survey voted it number one, with Venice receiving 13 per cent, dropping to second place.

Barcelona, Rome and Singapore shared third position glory with 7 per cent of cruisers saying they were their favourite stop-offs.

The survey which marks the start of National Cruise Week, shows that a whopping 1.7 million Britons will go on a cruise holiday this year.

The cruise sector has been growing in recent years, bucking the downward trend experienced by the rest of the travel market.

In 2010, cruising accounted for 4.5 per cent of the foreign travel market for Britain and 11.5 per cent of the package holiday market.

So why do us Brits love cruising so much? Over half of us relish the chance of sightseeing in so many different places in one holiday, while 36 per cent are attracted by the all-inclusive deals.

Director of the PSA Bill Gibbons said: ‘The survey highlights why more cruise holidays are being taken by Brits than ever before – it’s an effortlessly way to visit many great destinations across the world while only unpacking once.’