If you enjoy Saturday television then you must have seen X Factor judges comparing hopefuls to singers on cruise ships. Clearly they havent seen the standard of entertainment which is offered on cruise ship nowadays.

Not only are they quality acts which have taken months to perfect, there is also wide choice of entertainment at sea, which has never been seen before.

Royal Caribbean they have their own production and rehearsal studio in Hollywood. Cast are required to complete 6 weeks of training where they learn the choreography, script and music for all the shows. It doesn't end there because once onboard there is still further 5 weeks to complete, where they rehearse with the costumes, wigs, props and lighting cues.

A similiar process is followed by all other cruise for example P&O cruises has it's own theatre company called Headliners which goes through a similiar process in South East London.

Here is my guide to the top entertainment, which should not be missed.

Which cruise ship would you vote as the Queen of Entertainment?