Monday, 12 December 2016

Carnival condemns passenger for dangling from ship's railing

Carnival condemns passenger for dangling from ship's railing

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Video footage has emerged of a teenager climbing over a cruise ship railing and lowering himself until he is hanging by only his arms as the sea flows beneath him.

Passengers and the teen can be heard laughing as he heaves himself back on board after dangling from the Carnival Cruise Line ship Carnival Liberty for a few moments.

At one point, the boy briefly appears to struggle to lift his weight back onto the lower deck as another a passenger says: "Are you alright?"

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The clip was posted on Twitter by Anthony Rosale, who wrote: "Craziest dude I met on my cruise".

The footage was reportedly filmed on the ship while at sea off the Texas coast on November 19.

The stunt was condemned as "incredibly dangerous" by fellow passengers and the ship's owners, The Mirror reported.

Carnival Cruise Line said: "We recently became aware of the video and are investigating.

“We strongly condemn any such behavior by our guests that puts themselves or others at risk."