Monday, 13 October 2014

Royal Caribbean will expand Dynamic Dining to Allure of the Seas

Royal Caribbean will expand Dynamic Dining to Allure of the Seas

The largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, will be converted over to Dynamic Dining.

Dynamic Dining is the new twist on traditional cruise ship dining.  Instead of a main dining room with fixed dining times, smaller restaurants are spread all over the cruise ship to offer more choice in ambiance and cuisine.  Some restaurants will be complimentary while others will have a cover charge to dine there.
Earlier this year Royal Caribbean announced sister ship; UPDATE: AUGUST 28: Royal Caribbean has tweeted out more information related to the Dynamic Dining changes coming to Oasis of the Seas. 
The main dining spaces will be remodelled during Oasis of the Seas' drydock later this year but Dynamic Dining itself will not begin until March 2015
It was widely speculated Allure of the Seas would follow suit. 


Royal Caribbean's web site is now reflecting the change coming to Allure of the Seas, although the content there appears to have been copy and pasted from the Oasis of the Seas description.
Allure of the Seas is scheduled to go into drydock in May 2015 and will then offer Mediterranean cruises from May 2015 to October 2015.

Oasis of the Seas deck plan changes coming after dry dock is complete

Royal Caribbean is going to be upgrading Oasis of the Seas as part of her upgrades while she is in drydock and there's quite a bit of changes coming to this ship.  After receiving lots of questions related to how where the changes are onboard the ship, we've compiled a list of the changes coming visually.

Deck 3

  • Opus DIning Room changes to American Icon Grill

Deck 4

  • Private dining (port side) becomes Izumi
  • Private dining (starboard side) becomes Diamond CLub
  • Opus Dining Room becomes The Grande

Deck 5

  • Opus Dining Room has become Silk restaurant
  • Cupcake Cupboard has come Kate Spade Store
  • Focus store has become Michael Kors store
  • Guess store has become Regalia store

Deck 6

  • Seafood Shack has become Sabor
  • Boardwalk Bar has become Sabor Bar
  • Pets at Sea has become Britto shop
  • Ice Cream Parlor renamed to Cups and Scoops
  • Boardwalk Donut Shop has become Boardwalk Dog House
  • Inside staterooms added (6279, 6281, 6679, 6681)
  • Diamond Club replaed with staterooms (6593, 6591, 6589, 6587, 6585)
  • Pinwheels has become an Arcade

Deck 7

  • New staterooms added (7279, 7679)

Deck 8

  • Public restrooms in Central Park forward reduced in size
  • New staterooms added at Central Park forward (8450, 8452, 8454, 8456)
  • New staterooms added near Dazzles (8279, 8679)

Deck 9

  • New staterooms added (9279, 9679)

Deck 10

  • New stateroom added near forward elevators (10458)
  • New staterooms added near central elevators (10279, 10679)

Deck 11

  • New staterooms added at aft (11330, 11730)
  • Concierge Club is now Concierge Club & Wonderland restaurant
  • New staterooms added near Concierge Club & Wonderland (11279, 11679)

Deck 12

  • Concierge Club is now Concierge Club & Wonderland restaurant
  • New Grand Suites added to aft (12330, 12730)
  • New staterooms added near Concierge Club & Wonderland (12279, 12679)
  • Royal Suite 12240 replaced with new staterooms (12238, 12240, 12242, 12244, 12246, 12248)
  • Presidential Suite 12640 replaced with new staterooms (12638, 12648)

Deck 14

  • New staterooms added near Card Room (14279, 14679)
  • New Grand Suite staterooms added at aft (14330, 14730)

Deck 16

  • Izumi removed and becomes part of the Windjammer

Deck 17

  • Viking Crown Lounge has become the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen restaurant
  • Pinnacle Lounge has become a Royal Suite (1701)
  • Pinnacle Chapel has become a Royal Suite (1758)