Thursday, 4 September 2014

Man takes same Carnival cruise 33 times in a row

Man takes same Carnival cruise 33 times in a row

By Tom Stieghorst
Carnival Elation - FosselmanA Mississippi man has departed the Carnival Elation after setting a record by taking the same four- and five-night itinerary to Mexico 33 times.

Mark Fosselman of Diamond Head, Miss., has been sailing on Elation since April. His five-month odyssey began after his wife Becky passed away. They had sailed together on the New Orleans-based Elation in the past, and the ship evoked good memories, Carnival said in a statement.

Fosselman said his wife loved sailing with Carnival and believed that the cruises contributed greatly to her quality of life despite her declining health. According to Carnival, Fosselman said he considered the voyages therapeutic following his wife’s death.

Carnival said Fosselman is notable because no one else is believed to have sailed as many consecutive Carnival cruises in the line’s 42-year history.

The Carnival Elation staff warmly greeted Fosselman him in the ship’s atrium and held a special farewell reception that included a banner created especially for the occasion when he finally left the ship.