Saturday, 28 September 2013

Divers find bodies near Concordia wreck

Divers find bodies near Concordia wreck

Divers off the coast of Giglio believe they may have found the bodies of the two missing passengers from the Costa Concordia.

While 32 people were declared dead in the wake of the tragedy last year, two of those passengers were actually unaccounted for.

It was hoped that they would be found once the ship was refloated and it seems as if this is the case. According to reports, remains were discovered that are consistent with the victims whose bodies were never recovered.

They won't know for sure until DNA testing has been carried out, however.

ABC news reports that Franco Gabrielli, head of the civil protection agency in Italy, said recovering the bodies after they had spent 20 months under the weight of the 114,500-tonne vessel was "almost a miracle".

The Concordia was transporting approximately 4,000 passengers when it struck a reef close to shore and capsized. Since its refloating earlier this month, the full extent of the damage to the ship has been plain to see.